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Porto Pirrone Camping is the ideal choice for a holiday in total freedom in touch with nature, which here means a crystalline blue sea. Situated on the banks of the Ionian Sea along the Salento coast, 15 km east of Taranto, Porto Pirrone Camping is in an enviable position and ideal for organising excursions to other sites.
Porto Pirrone Camping offers easy access to the Salento coastline, with the typical Mediterranean scrub and the coastal watchtowers, witness of the important and ancient past, and leading as far as Lecce, a very interestinghistoric and artistic baroque city. There is then the Trullo valley, the ravines, the town of Grattaglie, known throughout the world for its pottery, and the MARTA – Taranto National Archaeological Museum, and much more besides.
The Camping is always open for its guests, helping them with information about possible excursions, the easy to reach points of interest, the events that are organised in the vicinity, differing according to each person’s needs and interests. Furthermore, the site offers all types of accommodation, from hiring well- furnished mobile homes, to camping bays for camper vans, caravans and tents.
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Dogs are admitted with limitations
Porto Pirrone Camping
Porto Pirrone Camping
Litoranea Salentina
74020, Porto Pirrone - Leporano (TA)
GPS: N 40° 22' 14.77'' - E 17° 18' 41.95''
Tel. +39.0995315184 Fax +39.0995316890
- On closing period -
Tel. +39.3276795635

Internet: - www.portopirronecamping.it

E-mail: portopirrone@camping.it - info@portopirronecamping.it
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Porto Pirrone Camping